SOCIEDAD ANONIMA DE TINTES TEXTILES-81, SATTEX-81. Company dedicated to the preparation, dye, print and finished textils , with own installation of engraving of cylinders.

Founded on 1981. It began his activity with seven employees, dedicating itself in his beginnings to the preparation and dye. Given the good one for making and the philosophy of the company, cradle in the satisfaction of our clients, this one have been extended as much in machinery as in number of collaborators.

In 1989 it initiated the process of manufacture of textile printings, and given his growth, was created in 1996 SELECCIÓ ESTAMPACIÓ TÈXTIL-96, S.A., SET-96, forming with SATTEX-81 a single group, integrated by 58 employees, who annually treat 8 million dyed meters and 4 million printed meters.

Within our great experience in the dye and printing of all type of textile articles, we wished to emphasize our specialty in the treatment by means of caustic reduction of polyester 100% and its mixtures, that grant to this article characteristics to him similar to the finished ones of silk.